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Internet Security 101

Internet Security Starts here. The Spam Zapper is a Exceptional Choice for your Defense in "Depth Strategy" for protecting your experience on the Internet (whether you are ready this from Work or Home). We have solutions which protect you from Viruses, Trojans, SpyWare and other Malware.

Security is the hottest topic in our society today. Everyone wants to be more secure while on-line on the Internet. Identity Theft is the Number one Crime on the Internet. Gone are the days that did not require a Firewall to protect you from the Hackers on the Internet.

In fact it seems like only Five Years ago that Infamous Hackers were behind bars. I remember when there were only a small number of Hackers on the Internet, now it seems like you cannot evade them, especially if you are using a DSL or Cable modem service. If you have an always on Cable or DSL Internet Service, you need to protect yourself - TODAY!

Here is a recent Map of the Viruses Captured on one of our Servers.
Virus Counts

Have you ever wondered about where all of the infestations come from? Well, The Virus Underground is an excellent article describing the origins of many of the Viruses and Trojans we see on the Internet Today. Another Recent Article is the CNN Article (2/17/04) Your computer could be a SPAM Zombie, We'll help you to avoid becoming a SPAM Zombie.

That brings me back to the Topic of this report, Security 101. We all need better security, especially the pre-screening of Email, BEFORE it gets to your PC. Normally, the scanning that takes place on your PC may be too late to remove the latest Internet Virus or Worms (look at how Fast MyDoom has Spread around the World!). In fact MyDoom has exceeded the efforts of SoBig, not that this is necessarily a good thing.

Think about it, in the amount of time that it takes to connect to the Internet, your Email reader has already down loaded software and installed it in your PC, even before your Anti-Virus Scanner has been able to update itself! Or better yet, you have a Virus Scanner, but have not renewed the subscription for the latest Virus updates. Now add to the fact that we scan our Email with Multiple Virus Scanners. This takes us virtually no time, and it's also completed before you receive your E-Mail. You don't have to wait while you're down loading anymore.

I work in the Computer Security Field, and I am amazed at the speed at which MyDoom has Spread through the Internet. This New Vulnerability will certainly gain even more attention in coming days. Will you be ready? Will your system be equipped to protect you? The SPAM Zapper is ready for you. -- We have provided Current information regarding the latest Viruses for you below. We also have documented the Unsafe File Types for users of Microsoft Windows computers. If you are sending Email Attachments, be aware that many systems are no longer accepting these files types as they are the widest forms of Malware Distribution.

The SPAM Zapper will permit you to Gain Control of your Email again. Our Email Filtering process includes the filtering of Harmful file extensions, Virus Scanning of all file types, verification of Sender information, reference of Senders using Known Block Lists, rejection of SPAM from Unknown Open Proxies, and so on. The SPAM Zapper also incorporates automatic updating of the built In Virus Scanning package(s) (yes we can permit more than one virus scanner in our system), as well as constant updates on the SPAM Rule base, Reference information, and so forth.

Whether you are looking for the On-Line Solution to Filter your Email BEFORE you get your next Virus, or for an Office Solution for your Business, or ISP, the SPAM Zapper is Ready to deliver 100% of the time.

Our screening process is performed, BEFORE you receive your Email! Once it's on your PC, it may be too late! Additionally, because we specialize in SPAM Filtering we work for you, not any potential customers which are actually sending their SPAM via our connection.

If you are interested in SSH Tools for Encrypting your Sessions (SSH, SFTP, or SCP), then you need to Get PuTTY for Windows here. You may also be interested in our NEW HowTo Guide for Encrypting Email Connections. Creating Encrypted Tunnels using PuTTY. While this service is available for our On-Line Customers. If you are planning on Use Encrypted Tunnels to protect your Email, your need to first verify that your ISP permits SSH Connections, and that your account is enabled for SSH Authentication. As a Security Precaution, we have disabled telnet and ftp services due to their transmitting all information in clear text format. Instead of telnet and ftp, we support the use of ssh and sftp (or scp) instead. You can generally find that the existing tools you are using will support these new Protocols as well (If not, then try the PuTTY Tools, they are Free).

If you have any Questions, or need Product information, please feel free to contact me.

Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP
President, ABS Computer Technology, Inc.
President, Pittsburgh InfraGard Member Alliance

Our Best Practices for SPAM Reduction Guide is available here!

Additional information on Hoaxes, Viruses, and other information automatically updated.

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