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SpamZapper provides a fully integrated environment for Email security, and for processing Email over the internet.

Email Security is more than just a collection of words or ideas. SpamZapper has provided Email Security for many years, while implementing the Best of Class Strategies for Email Security. As a sponsor in our nation's effort to protect the national infrastructure, our solutions are both safe and secure. SpamZapper is constantly tuned to provide up to date security for your Email.

Our Email Security implementation is unique, partly because we filter and intercept spam, viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and other malware, before you retrieve your Email. All of our protection features are invisible to you, and those that send you Email - family, friends, business partners and associates. SpamZapper's protection is both secure and private.

SpamZapper incorporates all of the standard Email filtering features, and adds its own exclusive Best of Class features.

Standard Email Filtering Features
  • Welcome banner which announced that Unsolicited Commercial Email is not welcome
  • Anti-Relaying prevents unauthorized access to the Email Server
  • Connection and DNS Checks are performed on all connection attempts
  • EMail address validity checking for both source and destination addresses
  • MIME Header field checking, eliminating reconnaissance efforts by attackers

SpamZapper Exclusive Features
  • Only Secure SMTP Commands are permitted
  • Fully integrated environment provides a simple drop-in for business or ISP Environments
  • Out Source connection process is completed in 10 minutes and begins filtering immediately
  • Reliable designs permits the use of multiple servers to easily scale the environment
  • Server-based design prevents infection, resulting in faster downloads, and better security
  • Supports multiple virus scanners, including open source implementations
  • SpamZapper's Relay Block Lists, minimizes false positives in Spam detection
  • Customizable Black, Gray & Whitelists
  • Preview quarantine email
  • Web based configuration tool
  • Automatic Update checking
  • And other features, not listed here for security purposes

SpamZapper's Email security and filtering works the first time, and is completely transparent to you and anyone sending you email. Some Email filtering environments require that you respond to an authentication request in order to have your email delivered. We find that challenge & authentication systems of this nature are intrusive, awkward, and an inconvenient means for authenticating the Email.

Our customers enjoy a multi-layered approach to eliminating the problem of Spam. While they use SpamZapper, we assist law enforcement with intelligence on Spam in support of the CAN-SPAM Act. While others talk about it, we are committed to eliminating spam in our products, efforts and our professional support services.

SpamZapper can be hosted buy us, or in your facility. Try out our out-sourced services (which connects in only 10 minutes), and migrate to an internal solution without losing any of your investment.

If you have questions regarding SpamZapper, contact me.

Albert E. Whale, CHS CISA CISSP
President, ABS Computer Technology, Inc.

Telephone: (412) 635-7488

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